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AI Opportunities Scan

Artificial intelligence can be of tremendous help in the healthcare industry. To hospitals we offer and easy to use AI opportunity scan. We screen your data and help you finding out the biggest lever that artificial intelligence can provide to your institution.

AI Opportunities Scan.

PersonalAIze’s AI opportunities scan is a systematic approach towards leveraging AI in hospitals.


Assess how AI ready your hospital is and understand the potential and the existing resources of AI. PersonalAIze is there to help to take the first steps.


PersonalAIze has developed an AI Opportunities Scan for hospitals. It is based on years of academic & project experience in AI & Health research.


Insights into the current state of your hospital in terms of AI readiness & opportunities. A first AI-driven showcase addressing a need in your hospital.

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AI Opportunities Scan.

Our AI Opportunities Scan consists of three phases.

  1. Assessment and Planning
  2. Building Machine Learning Model
  3. Evaluation and Learning

Following this systematic approach you will have a first AI-driven showcase addressing a need in your hospital in 20 days.

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