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We help you to optimize your healthcare solutions with state of the art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

PersonalAIze helps you get most out of your data using state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence. We are academics. We leverage years of experience in research and industry.

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We deliver expertise you can trust.

Our machine learning approach can help you leverage your data to build smart and advanced services. We provide decision support at any level. At PersonalAIze you will work with experienced academics and business experts to solve your problems giving you access to state of the art scientific resources.

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We boost our clients’ bottom line by leveraging their full potential through AI.

Get to know the team!

Our Management & Science Executive Team.

Mark Hoogendoorn

Managing Director / Co-Founder / Shareholder

Full Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Mark’s research involves the application and development of novel machine learning algorithms to data from a range of domains, including industry, e-commerce, and health and wellbeing.

He has been involved in ample collaborations with companies, thereby leverage machine learning to gain more successful applications. He has been working in the field of AI for nearly 20 years and is an advisor to various startups in the field of AI as well in the region of Amsterdam. On top, he is a leading figure in networks related to AI and Health, such as Amsterdam Medical Data Science.

Sandjai Bhulai

Managing Director / Co-Founder / Shareholder

Full Professor of Business Analytics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He studied “Mathematics” and “Business Mathematics and Informatics”, and obtained a PhD on Markov decision processes for the control of complex, high-dimensional systems.

Sandjai’s research is on the interface of mathematics, computer science, and operations management. His specialization is in decision making under uncertainty, optimization, data science, and business analytics. His current research projects focus on HR analytics, social media analytics, predictive analytics, dynamic pricing, and planning and scheduling in complex systems.

Tobias Blask

Co-Founder / Shareholder

Full Professor for Digital Advertising at Stuttgart Media University, Germany. Tobias co-founded the successful AdTech company “Adference”.

The objective of his research is on digital transformation as well as the analysis of user behaviour on the Internet and decision making under uncertainty.

Burkhardt Funk

Co-Founder / Shareholder

Full professor of information systems at Leuphana University, Germany. Burkhardt’s research areas encompass building decision models and support systems in a variety of application domains, such as e-commerce, digital transformation, and e-health. He has been developing and applying AI methods to solve business problems for more than 20 years.

Burkhardt has a wealth of practical experience in machine learning projects, has been active as a consultant with McKinsey, as an entrepreneur and as an advisor to leading European companies.

Phillip Kersten

Shareholder / AI Consultant

Experienced AI Consultant in Amsterdam. Phillip combines the knowledge from Psychology with the skills obtained in Artificial Intelligence with a focus on optimization, behavioural data and computer vision.

He has experience in start-ups as well as large consultancies and corporations such as the NS and Rabobank and knows how to turn cutting edge technology into value for businesses.

Loïc Macken

Shareholder / AI Consultant

Experienced AI and Data Consultant in Amsterdam. Loïc has a background in Aerospace Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, with a focus on Computer Vision.

He is passionate about programming languages, entrepreneurship and AI and uses these tools to automate, optimise and improve processes for clients.

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