Patient Care & Diagnosis

We offer you services in a wide range of services that leverage the power of artificial intelligence for diagnosis and patient care.

Hospital Process Optimization

Optimize your processes using artificial intelligence. We offer a range of services that help you to deliver the optimal care your patients deserve in the most effective way possible.

AI Opportunities Scan

Artificial intelligence can be of tremendous help in the healthcare industry. To hospitals we offer and easy to use AI opportunity scan. We screen your data and help you finding out the biggest lever that artificial intelligence can provide to your institution.

Need a personalized solution?

We know about the individual challenges other potential partners in the healthcare industry. If the services you find here do not fit your specific needs but you think that we might be of help for you, please get in contact with us!

How we can help?

Empowering you to make smart decisions.

We help you to create value from your data using artificial intelligence in the areas of:

Patient Care & Diagnosis
Hospital Process Optimization
AI Opportunities Scan

We’ve got all your AI solutions.


Private clients

No matter, if you are on the way to find the optimal care path for every patient or if you are trying hard to generate the optimal working environment for your valuable staff while maximizing revenues at the same time: Artificial intelligence is there to help you!

Health Insurances


Being as efficient and effective as possible while providing the best care to members is a hard task. Artificial intelligence may help you reaching these goals at the same time.

MedTech Companies

Professional Firms

You are building great products and want to enhance your capabilities with artificial intelligence algorithms. PersonalAIze is there to help you!