Smart Solutions for the Healthcare Industry.

We help you to optimize your healthcare solutions with state of the art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Patient Care & Diagnosis

We offer you services in a wide range of services that leverage the power of artificial intelligence for diagnosis and patient care.

Hospital Process Optimization

Optimize your processes using artificial intelligence. We offer a range of services that help you to deliver the optimal care your patients deserve in the most effective way possible.

AI Opportunites Scan

Artificial intelligence can be of tremendous help in the healthcare industry. To hospitals we offer and easy to use AI opportunity scan. We screen your data and help you finding out the biggest lever that artificial intelligence can provide to your institution.

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We know about the individual challenges other potential partners in the healthcare industry. If the services you find here do not fit your specific needs but you think that we might be of help for you, please get in contact with us!

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Our machine learning approach can help you leverage your data to build smart and advanced services.

We provide decision support at any level. You will work with experienced academics and business experts to solve your problems giving you access to state of the art scientific resources.

PersonalAIze is capable of contributing in various areas like Radiology, Screening, Psychiatry, Primary Care and Disease Diagnosis.

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by our experienced team of academics & consultants


using state-of-the-art technologies


> 150 peer reviewed publications


award winning research on ML & AI

Business Insights.

Our Experts have experience in the application of AI for topics like predictive policing, dynamic ambulance management, machine learning for intensive care units. Learn more about our Research and Projects.

Get in touch with PersonalAIze. We are eager to learn about your challenges and are ready to help!

Burkhardt Funk

Tobias Blask

Sandjai Bhulai

Mark Hoogendoorn

Phillip Kersten

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Smart and secure solutions by leading AI scientists.

Applying state-of-the-art AI and ML Technologies to solve your Challenges. Projects so far include:

Digital Healthcare

  • Effectiveness of digital therapies for depression

  • Personalized Smart Health Apps

  • Predictive modeling and outlier detection for large datasets

  • Predicting online intervention dropout

  • NLP Analytics in document quality management such as Electronic Medical Record

  • Analysis of sensor data from Smart Devices

  • Data-driven lifestyle support through smart devices

Patient Care & Diagnosis

  • Predicting colorectal cancer based on medical history of GP data

  • Predicting pre-term birth based on a special sensor

  • Constrained reinforcement learning for personalization in highly regulated domains

  • Predicting optimal treatment at the ICU for sepsis

  • Risk models for mental health problems among children and adolescents

  • Predicting optimal treatment for Rheumatoid

  • Risk identification for cardiac arrest among diabetes patients

Hospital Process Optimization

  • Dynamic Ambulance Management

  • Optimal Ward planning

  • Optimal Surgery planning

  • Reduction of patient waiting times in different departments

  • Optimal Inventory planning

  • Optimal Personel planning

  • Clustering patient groups in a hospital based on their typcial care path

Tobias Blask


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“We provide insights and models that are ready to use within your environment. We focus on applications in the healthcare domain leveraging your data to build new services and provide decision support.”

Sandjai Bhulai

CEO & Founder

We’ve got all your AI solutions.

We help you to create value from your data using artificial intelligence.

No matter, if you are on the way to find the optimal care path for every patient or if you are trying hard to generate the optimal working environment for your valuable staff while maximizing revenues at the same time: Artificial intelligence is there to help you!

Being as efficient and effective as possible while providing the best care to members is a hard task. Artificial intelligence may help you reaching these goals at the same time.

You are building great products and want to enhance your capabilities with artificial intelligence algorithms. PersonalAIze is there to help you!


Our AI Experts help you to build scalable Solutions for your individual Challenges.

Burkhardt Funk


We build and sustain AI solutions

Our machine learning approach can help you leverage your data to build new services and provide decision support.

Experienced academics

At PersonalAIze you will work with experienced academics and business experts to solve your problems.

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Award winning research on ML & AI

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