Bridging the gap between academia and application in AI

Smart and secure solutions by leading AI scientists

Founded and run by experienced professors from The Netherlands and Germany with a strong footprint in AI research and industry

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We boost our clients to get more sales

We build and sustain AI solutions

Our machine learning approach can help you leverage your data to build new services and provide decision support.

Experienced academics

At PersonalAIze you will work with experienced academics and business experts to solve your problems

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Winner Seo Master

> 150 peer reviewed publications

Top Social Media Agencies

Award winning research on ML & AI

Fastest Growing Abstract Solution Providers

Experienced team of academics & consultants

Award National

Using state-of-the-art technologies

  • Helping you to help your patients


PersonalAIze is capable of contributing in various areas like Radiology, Screening, Psychiatry, Primary Care and Disease Diagnosis.

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  • Leveraging AI for the public

Public Services

Our Experts have experience in the application of AI for topics like predictive policing, dynamic ambulance management, machine learning for intensive care units.

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  • Leveraging user generated data

Retail, E-Commerce & Marketing

User generated data is at the core of any Marketing & E-Commerce analytics & decision support system. PersonalAIze’s AI solutions leverage state-of-the-art technology and are based on the experience of the optimization of several hundred million euro marketing spendings.

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“We provide insights and models that are ready to use within your IT environment. We focus on applications in various domains, such as health and the service industry.”

Sandjai Bhulai

CEO & Founder

Let’s Make Things Happen

We offer personalization using user data and state-of-the-art AI methods. We provide insights and models that are ready to use within your IT environment.

Mark Hoogendoorn

CEO & Founder

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