Leveraging AI in hospitals

AI has the potential to transform the way how hospitals provide healthcare.

  • Improve therapeutic outcome

  • Enhance patient experience

  • Improve clinical processes

  • Move from treatment to prevention

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AI Opportunity Scan

PersonalAIze’s AI opportunity scan is a systematic approach towards leveraging AI in hospitals.


Assess how AI ready your hospital is and understand the potential and the existing resources of AI. PersonalAIze is there help to take the first steps.


PersonalAIze has developed an AI Opportunity Scan for hospitals. It is based on years of academic & project experience in AI & health research.


Insights into current state of your hospital in terms of AI readiness & opportunities. A first AI-driven showcase addressing a need in your hospital.

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AI Opportunity Scan

How it works.

Our AI Opportunity Scan consists of three phases.

  1. Assessment and Planning
  2. Building Machine Learning Model
  3. Evaluation and Learning

Following this systematic approach you will have a first AI-driven showcase addressing a need in your hospital in 20 days.

1. Assess & Plan

  • Initial assessment of capabilities, resources, support & barriers
  • Systematic project idea screening and selection

3 days

Insights. Support in broader organization and AI opportunities.

Core activites. At first, get together with the key stakeholders and get a basic understanding of the internal capabilities and experiences (analytical, technical, managerial). Then brainstorm on potential topics (existing ideas and input from PersonalAIze team). Prioritize the most promising idea and fill in Machine Learning Canvas.

Output. Summary of the workshop and definition of an MPI.

2. Build

  • Specify goal
  • Explore and prepare data sources
  • Develop ML model
  • Prototypical provision of ML models to users (design2cost)

15 days

Insights. Data accessibility and quality, privacy robustness, matching data + AI solutions. You will also get insight in available tools and computational resources with the ability to integrate AI models in daily practice.

Core activites. Build a Machine Learning model following the industry standard process model CRISP-DM. We will provide early access to the Machine Learning model to pilot users.

Output. Machine Learning model (including code and results) with initial user feedback and recommendation.

3. Evaluate & Learn

  • Summarize insights from ML prototype
  • Joint workshop to discuss assessment and project outcome
  • Outlook and planning

2 days

Insights. Technical and organizational readiness of your hospital for AI. Insights into the potential of the implemented model and process knowledge how to tackle initial AI projects.

Core activities. PersonalAIze scientific board members discuss findings and devise targeted recommendations accounting for your hospital specific setting. A workshop with stakeholders on findings and discussion of next steps.

Output. A final presentation and a short report & documentation of the recommendation.

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